Polymer engineering is a multidisciplinary and extremely important discipline in the current scenario of Pakistan’s industries. Polymers (plastics & composites) being the frontier materials for today’s civilization. The course curriculum is especially designed to fulfill the current needs of the polymer industry, research institutes and academia. It covers the practical problems of manufacturing, processing, and characterization of polymeric materials & composites. The main objective of the course on polymer engineering is to improve the knowledge of the undergraduate students to get better jobs in the relevant field or even start up their own business and produce quality researchers and faculty members for local and international universities and institutes. The Department of Polymer & Petrochemical Engineering was established in 2007 at NED University. The department is offering Bachelors and Masters programme in the field of Polymer & Petrochemical Engineering. The department has started Ph. D programme from Fall 2021. The Masters programme is offered with specialization in many advanced fields of the polymer engineering. As the programme is offered in evening it can easily accommodate working engineering professionals who want to broaden their knowledge and deepen their technical & computing skills notably related to the polymer industries.

 Departmental Facilities

The department has in-house laboratory facilities in addition to the laboratory facilities available from the other departments of the NED University.

Following laboratories are presently accessible to the department:

• XRD and Crystallography Lab

• Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopy Labs

• Advanced Materials Processing Lab

• Thermal Analysis Lab

 • Mechanical Testing Lab

 • Advanced Coatings Lab

 • Nano Materials Lab

 • Computer Modeling and Simulation Lab

Research Fields

• Polymeric Hollow Capsules for Controlled Released Applications

 • Polymerization in Confined Spaces

 • Controlled Radical Polymerization (RAFT)

 • Polymer Rheology and Implication of Structure Development

 • Polymer (Nano)Composites

• Bio-Polymers

 • Polymeric Membranes