Syllabus (Batch -2020)

Syllabus (Batch 2021 onwards)

Our Engineers:
polymer & Petrochemical Engineers are concerned primarily with the design, operation & management of polymeric & petrochemical processing systems. They are trained theoretically & practically to troubleshoot engineering problems keeping cost effectiveness as a priority. Graduate who are fully capable of starting their own business and thrive as a young entrepreneur.

Area of Study:

Polymers & Petrochemicals are long chain molecules composed of large numbers of repeating units. Broadly classified into natural and synthetic. E.g. Cellulose polyethylene shopping bags, PET bottles, foams etc. the chemicals derived from crude oil are called Petrochemicals. Besides raw materials for polymers these chemicals are building blocks for very useful products such as lubricating oil, rubber materials, medicines, safety helmets and many more from military to daily life.

Why A Polymer & Petrochemical Engineer?

  • Be a part of the most prestigious engineering university of the country.
  • Opportunity to learn from foreign scholars.
  • Get better jobs in the relevant field or even start up your own business.
  • Improved skills and cutting edge knowledge on plastic (polymer), manufacturing/processing and characterization.
  • Understanding of plastic product design on computer aided engineering software.
  • Produce quality researchers and faculty members for local and international universities and institutes.